April 4, 2019

5 Inspirational Quotes For the Elegant Woman

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Quite frankly, I let my life fall apart a little bit this week. I wasn’t feeling fabulous, and I let it overtake me more than I should have. That is why I spent some time on Pinterest (okay, a lot of time on Pinterest) looking for a little bit of motivation and guidance. Here are a few quotes that I found lovely, quotes about elegance and intelligence and being the woman that I aspire to be.

I hope that you find some value in them too!

elegance quote 1

Elegance is the being the woman that people ask about the next day, not the girl attracting all the attention the night of the party. Also perfume. It’s about perfume too right Giorgio?

elegance quote 2

This quote reached right through Instagram and slapped me across the face. I am definitely getting things I want which is great! I’m excited that I took a chance and asked for what I wanted! After the celebration though, all that remains is the work. I definitely had a moment where I doubted that I was prepared to do the work. Which is crazy, because this is what I want! But it happened, and I think I needed the time this week to prepare myself for what I’ve committed to. Is this vague enough?

If there’s something that you want, I think it’s easy not to feel the weight of what it means until you get it. Forgive yourself for taking the time to get prepared after it’s already happening. I’m trying to.

elegance quote 3

I am so pleased that as I get older I feel more at ease with who I am, and I know that even when I feel out of place, it’s not because I’m a problem. It’s because I don’t belong with this particular group of people and that’s totally okay.

There is no one in the world who is you. No one can be you as well as you are. I think knowing who you are is important, and having grace in your own skin, even if you aren’t very graceful. My coworker said to me, “You’re snobby, but you’re funny about it.” And I am. I’m a snob in the way it’s used now, which is someone who likes ‘nice’ things. I won’t drink cheap wine and I’d rather buy one high-quality coat than three that fall apart, even when I feel so bored with my wardrobe I want to scream. I have tons of things I want to change about myself, but I don’t plan on ever drinking Franzia again.

elegance quote 4

Get out of your own way! There are so many obstacles for a woman to be a success in this world. Don’t add yourself to the list. I have definitely been doing that lately, by questioning myself and my path, but at the end of the day you just have to do the thing and see what happens.

Do the thing. The world won’t end.

elegance quote 5

Oh Coco Chanel. The ultimate expert on elegance. She knew that elegance is about presenting yourself as a person first, and a fashion queen second.

What Are Some Other Great Quotes About Elegance?

Please tell me! I’m always looking for more inspiration.

I hope some of these quotes about elegance struck a chord with you. Let me know in the comments why you’re here! Are you stuck in a rut and looking for a way to move past it? Or are you looking for quotes about elegance because you know you’re just so flipping excellent? I’d love to hear!

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